Commercial and Industrial Services

At Hydrojet Enviro Clean we understand that commercial clients demand a fixed price, high quality product delivered on time, every time.

We understand that these clients have varying needs ranging from hydrocarbon clean ups to pathogens and chemical spills to unsightly stains and moulds.

With the ability to operate at temperatures up to near boiling we are able to attack a wide range of contaminants with good results. The addition of detergents or degreasers will give added results if required.
In addition to the end result we have the ability to collect the water and chemicals used, along with the underlying contamination and dispose of in a environmentally friendly and legal manner makes us an ideal solution to our commercial and industrial clients.

This water capture ability also allows us to work in close proximity to the general public as there is no run off to contend with. On a basic exposed concrete footpath the surface is left only damp, with no standing water so work can be conducted in a block format with access available to public immediately on completion.

We also work weekend and back of the clock hours to accommodate our clients needs.

We will ensure that:

  1. Our staff, your staff and the general public’s safety is always our¬†first priority
  2. Our aim is to leave your premises in pristine condition
  3. Our cleaning practice is environmentally friendly
  4. We are compliant with local and state regulations and legislations


  • Council Pressure Cleaning
  • Cold Room Pressure Cleaning
  • Shade Sail Pressure Cleaning
  • Shopping Centre Pressure Cleaning
  • Schools and Play grounds Pressure Cleaning
  • Final Clean on building sites
  • Oil Spill Clean-Up
  • Service Station Pressure cleaning
  • Industrial Pressure Cleaning


  • Car Park Pressure Cleaning
  • School Pressure Cleaning
  • Factory Pressure Cleaning
  • Hospital Pressure Cleaning
  • Shopping Centre Pressure Cleaning
  • Service Station Pressure Cleaning
  • Builders Pressure Cleaning


  • Council Pressure Cleaning
  • Cold Room Pressure Cleaning
  • Shade Sail Pressure Cleaning
  • Infrastructure Pressure Cleaning
  • Oil Spill Clean-Up
  • Workshop pressure cleaning
  • Industrial Pressure Cleaning
  • Fire damage cleanup


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Hydro Jet Enviro Clean has the ability to clean up chemical and hydro carbon spills while capturing and dispose of the waste water in an environmentally friendly and legal manner.